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Weather and Temperature in Murcia, Spain
Temperature and Weather Information at Roda Golf Resort

During the high season at Murcia, the temperatures continue to escalate from spring up until the summer months where it is not uncommon to find temperatures reaching 25 to 35 degrees celsius. There is no need to worry about the warm climate being too hot, as due to the low humidity levels found in Murcia, the air feels cooler then it actually is. Resulting in the best climate for golf players and tourists. With the warm temperatures not stopping you, there is no reason why you should not participate in the activities you wish to try. From quad biking in the national park to chartered boat trips you are easily able to enjoy yourself within the warm temperatures. Roda Golf Resort is a magnificent area for all golfers to enjoy. The all round temperatures rarely dropping below 10 to 15 degrees provides a pleasurable experience all year round.

Roda Golf Resort is set within this beautifully warm and pleasant region of Murcia. Widely known for Europes largest lagoon. La Manga del Mar Menor covers 50km to provide the area with a fantastic opportunity to participate in thrilling and exciting water sport activities across the large sandy beach coastline. Travelling down the coastline various activities are found along with award winning beaches making this an ideal location for not only a golf holiday but a fantastic holiday destination. Deemed as one of the healthiest climates on the planet by the World Health Organisation due to the low humidity levels, the region of Murcia provides everything to you.

Showing the usual trend in the climate at Murcia are the above annual average temperature and rain fall weather charts.

Staring with the annual temperature chart for Murcia on the left hand side, you are able to see the general correlation throughout the year. From the chart the temperatures over the months produce a mild increase throughout the year up until the summer months at its peak temperature of 30 degrees celsius. After the warmest weather in August, the temperatures begin to steadily fall on a monthly basis until winter. However, the chart clearly shows temperatures within the winter are more likely to be above 10 degrees. Comparing the temperatures in Murcia with the rain fall chart shows a gradual increase outside of the summer months, but in comparison to the United Kingdom it is still very little precipitation over the year. The fantastic weather results in Murcia being a favourite destination for both Spanish residents and holidaymakers throughout the year.

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