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Water skiing near Roda Golf Resort at La Manga del Mar Menor
Water skiing nearby to Roda Golf Resort at La Manga del Mar Menor

Water skiing is a popular water sport for both adults and children to enjoy. The aquatic sport consists of being pulled across water typically a lake or sea by either a motor boat towing you or a cable system to pull you across the water. As always with any sporting activity safety is a fundamental key especially water sports. To make water skiing safe as possible the method of holding onto the rope allows the skier to let go at any time of problem. This allows you to safely separate from the rope pulling you along. The boat will then come straight back to you where any problems can be addressed.

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Tuition involves more than just learning how to water ski on the water. Due to the methods of water skiing it is fundamental to know the correct methods to communicate with the spotter located on the boat. You will be taught how to communicate with the experienced spotter via certain hand signals whilst out on the water. If for any reason a situation occurs where you are in trouble, these hand signals are vital to let the boat driver know to stop and collect you.

The spotters job is simply to watch over you at all times including when you communicate to stop or when you have let go of the rope. Once the spotter sees any of the above they will let the driver know to turn around and head back to you. This saves a huge amount of time and is fundamental to guarantee your safety on the water. If you have let go of the rope you can easily begin to water ski across the Mar Menor again.

Beginners to this exhilarating water sport should feel a sense of achievement when able to stand upright on the water without falling from being unbalanced. Being successful to water skiing can take time to master the techniques learnt and is worth noting not to try and show off as unless you are experienced with water skiing you could end up unfortunately wasting your hired time out on the water. Water skiers with experience are more than welcome to perform jumps over the waves and perform stunts as they wish. It is worth noting that if for any reason you require to stop at any time, simply perform the hand signals taught prior to going out or let go of the rope. If you let go of the rope, the driver will turn around and head straight back to you.

Available water skiing tuition and equipment hire is available throughout La Manga del Mar Menor. If you require personal tuition or a course to refresh your existing water skiing skills, you are able to do so from the advanced knowledge given from the qualified instructors present. By undergoing tuition from professional mentors, the correct techniques will be taught to make certain you water ski in the correct safe method. Once taught you will now put the theory onto water as you will finish your tuition with water runs on the Mar Menor lagoon. Lessons however are not compulsory and those who just want to hire the equipment can do so by arranging water ski runs.

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