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  • Driving Directions from Murcia to Roda Golf Resort Spain

    Once landed at Murcia (San Javier) Airport, please proceed to collection of your hired car. You may then begin your journey to Roda Golf Resort. Exit the Murcia airport and drive out until you reach the first roundabout where you will need to turn left onto the F-34.
    Continue along this road heading straight. You will soon approach a roundabout where you will need to continue straight on.
    You will now pass Las Velas Shopping Centre on your left as you continue to the next roundabout.
    At this roundabout you will be required to turn right onto the F-27. (Varazu Bar is on your left side).
    Continue driving straight, there is a large Roda sign for the golf course on your left hand side.
    You will cross over the bridge, taking you over the AP-7 motorway and roughly after 300 metres you will find the entrance to Roda Golf Resort.
    The reception is found in the straw roof building at the entrance to Roda.

  • DVD player in my property at Roda Golf Resort

    Depending on the rental property owners of the apartments, villas and houses, you may or may not find a DVD featured with the television in the property. You will however discover communal satellite television including English tv in the apartments.

    Why not make the most from Roda Golf Resort by swimming in the many communal pools found, or perhaps take a trip across the Mar Menor to visit the exclusive Roda Beach Club. Here you will find total luxury over a fantastic setting. Included within the beach club is a newly built pool with a modern bar and restaurant. Make your holiday everyday here at Roda Golf Resort.

  • Electrical Appliances in my property at Roda Golf Resort

    Staying within the self catering holiday accommodation at Roda Golf Resort is very similar to staying inside a typical home. You will find the typical electrical appliances in all apartments, villas and houses. Most applicances are to be found within the kitchen but additional electrical goods are found throughout the properties. All Roda accommodation is also provided with air conditioning that is controlled from the panel in the corridor. Everything you could need and require for a typical holiday is found here for total comfort.

    Depending on your preferences you may prefer apartments, villas or houses. No matter what your choice is, all will be provided with the same high level of electrical appliances.

  • English newspapers at Roda Golf Resort in Spain

    With a high amount of holidaymakers from many countries travelling to Spain every year, many shops now sell foreign newspapers, including English. There is a small supermarket onsite at Roda Golf Resort, but it is not guaranteed you will find an English newspaper being sold. Typically they are more expensive than the English price and are usually a day or two old due to the shipment.

    If however you require to learn more about the current up to date news back in England, you can make perfect use of the internet and find out from many leading news websites that provide thre UK with news online.

  • Flights to Roda Golf Resort

    These days you are able to book and reserve many flights online to Roda Golf Resort. To do so the best flight destinations are Murcia (San Javier) airport and Alicante airport. Both are within the South-East region of Spain in Murcia.

    The Murcia airport is located close by to Roda Golf Resort at approximately 5 minutes commute. Due to the ever increasing tourism demand for this beautiful region, both airports have expanded to cope with the extra tourism. Due to the expansion, both airports feature many low cost airlines that are able to provide holidaymakers with some of the best prices found. You will discover various low cost cheap flights with airlines including Ryanair, Easyjet, and many more. All have multiple flights departing and arriving from the UK throughout the day, everyday.

  • Food at Roda Golf Resort

    You will find that Roda Golf Resort features Collados de Roda. This fantastic restaurant serves all golfers and holidaymakers with delicious delights straight from the menu. This restaurant is ideal for those who do not wish to venture out of the resort to dine.

    You will find the local areas of Los Narejos, Los Alcazares, Mar Menor and Torre Pacheco all supply Roda Golf Resort with a fantastic selection of restaurants and bars. For further information about food at Roda Golf Resort, please see our website for details.

  • Go Karting at Roda Golf Resort Spain

    Found near to Roda Golf Resort is one of the best places for go karting in Murcia. La Manga GoKArt has over over 30 years of go karting experience in both racing and go kart hire. Three different tracks have been specially designed and built for different age groups and experience. Each track is split up in age groups of, adults, junior and infants to allow the whole family to enjoy a great day out in Murcia. Safety is always important here so all customers are provided with the correct safety equipment prior to using the go karts.

    To get to La Manga GoKart, head onto the AP-7 towards La Manga / Cartagena. After 8km you will need to take the exit 800 off signposted MU-312 / La Manga. Once on the MU-312, follow onto towards Playa Honda.

  • Golf Academy at Roda Golf Resort

    The very first PGA (European Professional Golf Association) amateur and professional golf academy outside of the United Kingdom if found here at Roda Golf Resort. The PGA Golf Academy at Roda Golf Course provides facilities throughout the year for all types of golfers, from the beginner to advanced professionals. To accommodate every golfers requirements and desire for personal improvement, the training covers physical, psychological and technical aspects.

    The idea at the Academy is to encourage all types of people and levels of skill to enjoy or improve their golf game! With a well structured programme of lessons on offer, the professionals on hand are qualified to guide you to the best of their abilities. They aim to boost your confidence while increase your understanding of the game, and the knowledge required to get the most out of it.

  • Golf Competitions at Roda Golf Resort

    Below is the current list of set competitions at the Roda Golf Resort for 2010.

    14/02/2010 - Tournament Club de Golf Torre Pacheco - Roda Golf Course
    06/03/2010 - 4 Season Tournament: Winter Competition
    18/04/2010 - Monthly Junior Tournament of the Murcian Golf Federation
    13/05/2010 - Ladies Tournament - Roda Golf Course
    22/05/2010 - 4 Season Tournament: Spring Competition
    12/06/2010 - Murcia Tournament
    17/07/2010 - Corporate Club Golf Cup Tournament
    21/08/2010 - 4 Season Tournament: Summer Competition
    30/10/2010 - 4 Season Tournament: Autumn Competition
    11/12/2010 - Christmas Tournament

  • Golf Equipment and Hire at Roda Golf Resort

    At Roda Golf Resort you are able to hire golfing equipment from the best golf brands throughout both 9 and 18 hole rounds of golf. Found within the Roda golf clubhouse is the Pro Shop. At the Roda Pro Shop you are able to hire out selected golf equipment for a small fee. Golf equipment hire ranges from golf buggies to just a set of clubs.

  • Golf Etiquette at Roda Golf Resort

    The Roda Golf Resort etiquette is standard for golf etiquette. This means that you can follow the dress code information listed below that will allow you to dress appropriately for your round of golf at Roda.

    Polo shirts and shirts with a high neck are allowed to be worn, but please do not wear any t-shirts without a neck or sleeves. Football, rugby and any similar types of shirt are not to be worn. Whilst playing golf, trousers and skirts designed for golf must be worn. Only long shorts may be worn that cover the knee. Socks are required to be worn with soft spiked golf shoes. No street, canvas, trainers or sandal type shoes are permitted on the golf course at Roda.

  • Golf Pro Shop at Roda Golf Resort

    You can book tee-off times if not done so already through the Roda Golf Resort Pro Shop located in the Golf Clubhouse. Also at the Golf Pro Shop you are able to both hire and purchase a large variety of golf equipment. This ranges from golf buggies, drivers, woods, irons, sand wedges, wedges and finally putters from the worlds leading golf brands.

    At The Roda Golf Resort you will also find a wide assortment of golf equipment including shoe bags, balls, tees, shoes, socks, gloves, visors, polo shirts, sweaters, gadgets and batteries. Golf bags, trolleys and Buggies are all available to hire for both 9 and 18 hole rounds of golf at the Roda golf course.

  • Golf Tuition available at Roda Golf Resort

    The extensive tuition packages and day schools are listed in detail below. These can be arranged and booked with your golf holiday to Roda through us. Both Individual Tuition and Six Lesson Academy Packages, Roda Golf Academy Platinum Packages and Roda Golf Course Lessons and Golf Schools are all available to pre-book and take part in.

    You can participate in the best PGA expert tuition in many courses and schooling sessions to help improve your skills and technique by using the latest in technology. Take part in golf tuition at Roda Golf Resort and you will not be disappointed.

  • Gymnasium at Roda Golf Resort

    At this present moment in time there is no Gymnasium at Roda Golf Resort. However you will be able to find a gym within the local area for those who wish to train and keep fit whilst on holiday. Not only can you make use of the fitness centres near by but you will also discover the relaxing treatments at the local spa.

  • Hair Dryer at Roda Golf Resort

    The self catering apartments, houses and villas at the Roda Golf Resort are fully furnished with everything you could require during a holiday in Spain. With various house hold items, you will find most electrical equipment found in a usual home.

    However if a hairdryer is an essential to your holiday we recommend that you take your own just in case the hairsryer supplied is not available.

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