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  • Bike Hire at Roda Golf Resort

    If you wish to hire a rental bicycle you can do so from many companies operating in Murcia. You will find rental bikes to accommodate children through to adult size at ease. Along with cycle hire you are able to hire / be provided with safety equipment. Using the right level of safety equipment will keep you and others safe from injury. Unfortunately at this moment in time Roda Golf Resort do not currently provide bicycle hire but do not worry as various companies will deliver and collect hired bikes. This means you are able to make perfect use of the bicycle tracks found around the edge of the resort. Families who have young children are able to hire special bikes that have baby seats safely secured onto the back.

    A recommended company that deliver rental bicycles is Border Bike Hire. This company provides its customers with a free drop off and collection service to guarantee complete convenience. Customers have the option of hire from a wide range of bikes that are all multi terrain bikes. This allows the customer to travel anywhere without worry from the bike not being capable.

  • Boat trips in Roda Golf Resort Spain

    Boat trips from Roda Golf Resort are widely available in the Mar Menor lagoon at most marinas. The more popular established company dealing with both boat tours and fishing trips is Charter Muffy. This company provides the public and tourists with the chance to view the Mar Menor throughout as you visit the islands found at the heart of the lagoon. Boat trips are a fantastic experience and can last up to 5 hours guaranteeing some of the most stunning sights across the Mar Menor. Visit many beaches and have the chance to swim off the boat at the stop off area. If 5 hours is too much, you can of course take a shorter duration trip but lunch will not be included.

    For a prompt departure at 11.00, please meet at the designated pick-up point by 10.30. You will return at 16.30 hours on a typical day trip. With all day trips, free drinks are available throughout and a personal skipper is included. There are also rules to follow when on the boat trip: Smoking is not permitted whilst underway. Footwear - boating shoes, white soled trainers or bare foot. Clothing - shorts, swimwear, or tracksuit advised.

  • Business Centre at Roda Golf Resort Spain

    At Roda Golf Resort you will not find a Business Centre. However if you require internet you may do so from the Golf Clubhouse. Any other facilities required you may find at the local towns and cities. All self catering holiday accommodation at Roda Golf Resort are supplied with a telephone to make use of calls nationally and worldwide.

  • Car Parking at Roda Golf Resort

    If you have took up car rental whilst on holiday in Spain then you are able to park your vehicle directly next to your holiday accommodation whether it be a self catering apartment, restaurant or villa. With direct access to your property at Roda Golf Resort there is no need to walk far to a car park. Unload your holiday luggage at ease with such a short distance between your car and property.

    Whilst you have car rental, why not visit the cultural region of Murcia. With many historic places to visit you will certainly fall in love with this stunning area.

  • Car Rental at Roda Golf Resort

    Car rental is available for your golf holiday at Roda Golf Resort. This method of transport is certainly the most cost effective way of travel throughout Murcia and beyond. Due to many companies providing holidaymakers in Spain with car hire, the prices have dropped making car hire a low cost ideal solution to and from the airport. Not only are you able to collect and drop off the car at the airport, but you can use the car as transport throughout your holiday at Roda Golf Resort to visit the other additional golf courses located near by; or even to explore the beautiful area. As the prices are so low and great value for money, you can now hire a budget car approximately for a week and is still cheaper than airport transfer costs.

    If you are planning on booking a holiday with us to Roda Golf Resort and you are in a large family or golf group, we recommend that you take up vehicle hire to save the extortionate taxi costs. By hiring a car or minibus you are able to share the hire cost between all, making car rental at Roda Golf Resort the ideal way to travel.

  • Chemist at Roda Golf Resort

    At Roda Golf Resort there is no chemist unfortunately. However if you need to visit a chemist you will find many localed in the local surrounding towns. If you require medial attention there are local doctors who are able to visit you and if serious, the local hospital can send for an ambulance for you or anyone in your party.

  • Childrens Activities at Roda Golf Resort

    Many childrens activities are found in and near to Roda Golf Resort. Firstly you will discover childrens playground areas through out the resort along with many fun filled activities along the Mar Menor and region of Murcia. From bike hire, horse riding and go karting to the various aquatic activities of the water world found at Europes largest salt water lagoon.

    What better way than to make your family enjoy the wonderful holiday in Spain. With so much to see and do, you will never run out of different options to entertain your children at Roda Golf Resort.

  • Courtesy Bus at Roda Golf Resort to other golf courses

    There is no courtesy bus running at this moment in time to take you to the other additional golf courses. The best reccommended and cost effective smethod to visit the golf courses is to hire a rental car or vehicle. This will not only result in a better lower transport cost but you are able to visit and discover both the golf courses and the region of Murcia in your own time and convenience.

    To arrange transport transfers if you do not have car hire, you may do so by contacting the local taxi firm from Roda Resort Reception.

  • Credit Cards at Roda Golf Resort

    At the Roda Golf Resort you may undertake many facilities and services that require payment. If you need to use your credit card whilst in Spain we recommend that you contact your bank prior to use encase they believe your card to be stolen or being used fraudulently against you.

    Please note that if you need to visit a bank whilst staying at Roda Golf Resort, they will be able to help assist in foreign currency exhange, the current exchange rates and any other queries you may have.

  • Currency at Roda Golf Resort

    The currency used at Roda Golf Resort in Spain is the Euro. With most of Europe now using the Euro, you should be familiar with the currency, including the exhange rate. At Roda Golf Resort you will not have the use of any ATM cash point machines unfortunately. If you require Euros we recommend you exchange currency prior to your holiday departure to Spain. If you are already at Roda there should be several cashpoint machines located in and around the local town centre. They will allow you to use your existing bank card to withdraw Euros charged at the current exchange rate shown. If however you need to visit a bank you may do so from the many banks local to the area.

  • Cycling in Roda Golf Resort

    Featured within the Roda Golf Resort are bicycle paths that are found around the perimeter of the complex. You are able to make use of these paths anytime during your holiday from local hired bicycles. Bicycles are not currently available to hire from Roda Resort directly but Murcia is full of many hire companies offering cheap low cost cycle hire.

    To make bicycle hire further convenient to you, local companies including Border Bike Hire provide a drop off and collection service where they will deliver the bicycles directly to your accommodation and collect at the end of your hire duration. This saves wasted time during your holiday to collect and return your hired bikes. Safety equipment should be a must as in case of any accidents you should be safely protected.

  • Doctor at Roda Golf Resort

    If during your stay for any reason occured you require medical assistance or advice, you will be able to arrange to see a local doctor by contacting the resorts main switchboard. They will be happy to help provide you with an external contact if required for the local doctors in the local area to Roda Resort.

    However, if the situation is more serious and requires urgent attention then contact the switchboard or the resort security and ask for assistance. They will be able to call for an ambulance on your behalf in case of emergency. Any emergency details and information can be relayed by the switchboard operators.

  • Dress Code for Roda Golf Resort

    The Roda Golf Resort dress code is standard for golf course etiquette. This means that you can follow the dress code information listed below that will allow you to dress appropriately for your round of golf at Roda.

    Polo shirts and shirts with a high neck are allowed to be worn, but please do not wear any t-shirts without a neck or sleeves. Football, rugby and any similar types of shirt are not to be worn. Whilst playing golf, trousers and skirts designed for golf must be worn. Only long shorts may be worn that cover the knee. Socks are required to be worn with soft spiked golf shoes. No street, canvas, trainers or sandal type shoes are permitted on the golf course at Roda.

  • Drinking Water at Roda Golf Resort

    Unfortunately in Spain there is no safe drinking water available unlike we have in the United Kingdom. To avoid any illness during your holiday at Roda Golf Resort we reccommend that all holidaymakers drink bottles water only. this applies to both the Roda Golf Resort and the rest of Spain. All self catering accommodation options at Roda offered through us will consist of a welcome pack to greet your stay. Inside the welcome pack you will discover, bottled water along with many other kind refreshing gifts of milk, orange juice, and typical food including jam and butter.

    The Roda Golf Resort provides its holiday guests and resident with a mini supermarket. You will find inside the typical types of food and equipment for a resort shop.

  • Driving Directions from Alicante to Roda Golf Resort Spain

    To continue your journey to Roda Golf Resort, once you have landed at Alicante, please proceed to collect your hire car. Once collected follow the driving instructions below to arrive directly at Roda Golf Resort.

    Exit the airport and follow signs for the AP-7 motorway signposted Murcia / Torrevieja / Cartagena. Once joined, please stay on the AP-7 and follow for 15 minutes.
    Please make sure you take the exit marked 724. The AP-7 splits into two different routes so you will need to ensure you take the road off toward the left. This is a partial toll road as stated previously make sure you have Euros to hand. Continue toward Torrevieja / Cartagena on the AP-7 for 56km.
    Once you have passed two toll gates and driven for approximately 56km, please take the exit 786 heading towards Los Narejos / Urbanizaciones / Los Alcazares (Norte).
    At the first roundabout you approach after taking the exit, take the right turning sign posted towards Los Alcazares.
    The second roundabout you will again be required to take the right hand turn but this time signposted Roda / Los Dolores.
    Finally, cross over the bridge and after 300 metres you will discover the entrance to the Roda Golf Resort on the right hand side. Take the right turning and you will have arrived at Roda to begin your magnificent holiday.

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